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Efforts to overcome difficulties of the family with 4 victims of Agent Orange

Who posted: QT Hệ thống Date post: 10/05/2019 View: 2656

In 1973, following the sacred call of the country, Ms. Nguyen Thi Chay (1955) volunteered to join young volunteers in the Quang Tri battlefield. From 1974 to 1976, she worked as a line fire worker, serving in the campaign to open 9 Southern Laos road. After 4 years, she came to Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province and built a family with Mr. Hoang Quoc Nho.

Chay and her husband exploit rubber

Family life was happier when she gave birth to her first daughter Nguyen Thi Nhan (1977). But the joy was short-lived, 7 days after birth, Eyes just opened a little, then closed again. Around the eye sockets were filled with white beads. She and her husband hugged their children to see the doctor when they learned that Nhan was blind in both eyes. In the following years, grandparents continued to give birth with the desire to have healthy, healthy children. Among the 5 children of grandparents, luckily there are Hoang Thi Dao (1979) and Hoang Quoc Dung (1982). According to the hospital health assessment, the remaining 3 people infected with Agent Orange were unable to work.
She confided: The pain is too great. She herself is a direct poisoning victim who has 62% health loss, ear infections, gastritis, denta muscle atrophy, often sick when the wind, the sky. But all for the children, grandparents encouraged each other to do business. Since coming to village 3, Duc Lieu commune (Bu Dang) established in 1984, grandparents both worked as rubber scrapers and reclaimed land for cultivation, thus stabilizing the economy. In 2000, income from animal husbandry and severance allowances, plus accumulated capital for years, grandparents built spacious homes. 2 ha of rubber are harvested every year from 60 to 70 million VND.

Three children with visual impairments were sent to the Blind Association of Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Ho Chi Minh City respectively. They are learning braille, working in accordance with their health, earning income and participating in social activities. Last July, the youngest daughter Nguyen Thi Hong developed her sport skills and was selected by the Ho Chi Minh City Association for the Blind to participate in the national disability festival in Hanoi and won the gold medal in the 100m running event. , the high jump silver medal, and the high-jump bronze medal. Hong is in grade 11 and her dream is to become a teacher to teach underprivileged people like her.

Mr. Nguyen Giang Luu, Vice Chairman of Duc Lieu Commune People's Committee said: The whole commune has 11 subjects in 7 families infected with Agent Orange / dioxin; 5 subjects directly poisoned on the battlefield; The remaining are their children and grandchildren affected indirectly. Particularly Mrs. Chay family has 4 victims (1 direct and 3 indirect), is one of two families in Bu Dang district with 4 victims affected by this particularly dangerous poison. Despite receiving the State's monthly allowance, Ms. Chay and her husband still actively work in production, joining the Veterans' Association and the Women's Resistance Association. The efforts of Mrs. Chay's family are a typical of the will and energy to rise.

Author: Quang Minh


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