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The war has passed more than 45 years, but its consequences still remain heavily in Quang Nam fatherland that the whole province has thousands of households with 35.000 people infected toxic chemicals/ Dioxin, suffering from serious diseases that cannot be cured. The most painful is the children and grandchildren of victims with deformities, malformation, pain both physically and mentally, difficulties and shortages in life.
Accident husband, children infected with Agent Orange
TP - A son with intellectual disability due to dioxin sequel, his husband is ill, that is the context of Lai Thi Tinh in group 36, zone 4 (Nong Trang ward, Viet Tri city, Phu Tho).
Mother's lifelong foster parenting crazy
(GDVN) - "I'm very sorry, very sorry for the times when I'm sick, when no one takes care of me, I just know how to bite my teeth and endure and try to get up to raise my crazy child ...".
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