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Connecting loving arms

Who posted: QT Hệ thống Date post: 11/05/2019 View: 26279

The consequences of the war were too heavy on Quang Tri land. So many dead people, families in plight and many fate are suffering from Agent Orange / dioxin ... But by will, extraordinary strength, many people have overcome adversity, "lighting ”Future for yourself and future generations.

Beyond disability
When I wrote about the topic of war, I suddenly remembered the image of Mr. Nguyen Van Su, 51 years old, living in Kinh Mon village (Trung Son commune, Gio Linh), with his legs amputated, sitting on a bicycle repairing chair. When I was in elementary school, my family was poor and didn't have money to repair cars. Knowing my situation, whenever I rode my bike across the house, found the car chained or damaged, Su called to repair without any payment. Not only me, many students also had him repaired cars for free like that. Recalling the unfortunate day that came to his life, Mr. Su recounted, it was a late morning in 1990. When he was reclaiming a reclaimed land, he encountered a landmine, broke two legs. Luckily escaped death, but after that fateful day, he had to live in guilt, grief, sometimes think of death because he did not want to become a "debt of life" for his wife and children. But then the encouragement of the neighbors, especially the gentle wife, he has overcome ...
Only 2 elbows left, Mr. Dao Dang Yen (Trung Son commune, Gio Linh district, Quang Tri) still engages in production. Pearl universe

Initially, he borrowed from neighbors, a little capital to open a small grocery store to earn income. Some time later, he accompanied the repair of bicycles for people in the village. After that, he borrowed money to buy an old motorbike, books and self-study motorcycle repair. After 2 years, Mr. Su has become the most famous mechanic in the area. Currently, the car repair shop named after him is a familiar address of people in Trung Son commune. Thanks to the high-class car repair shop, he was able to raise 3 children to become a successful student.

Mr. Hoang Lang, 54 years old, residing in Mai Dan village, Hai Lam commune (Hai Lang), once cleared a field of grass with a two-handed amputated bomb. Experiencing many difficulties, with extraordinary energy and dream of getting rich, Mr. Lang has had a respectable establishment with 20ha of Melaleuca forest, 2ha of cassava combined with cows and chickens, etc., earning an average of 200 million VND each year. He was dubbed the "king of the forest by the palm of his hand". Not only that, Mr. Lang is also a "fisherman" of a disabled swimming village in Quang Tri province, winning many national gold medals.

Due to the influence of Agent Orange from the father of an engineer soldier, at the time of birth, Nguyen Thi Thuong's two arms (SN 1995, resident Tan Hiep, Cam Tuyen, Cam Lo) were twisted together, not sent. actionable. I thought my life would only be a series of dark days. But after more than 10 years of hard work and pain, Thuong recovered most of the hand function. Thuong can go to school with friends, and he is currently a first-year student at a college in Danang with a bright future ahead.

In Quang Tri, there are many examples of efforts to overcome disability and become useful people, but their journeys are indeed too arduous without effective assistance.

Share the pain

Also a landmine survivor, Mr. Do Thien Dang (54 years old, resident of Bich Khe village, Trieu Long commune, Trieu Phong district) suffered a two-leg amputation bomb. His life seemed to end when suddenly lighting. In 2003, Mr. Dang was introduced by the People's Association of Trieu Long Commune to participate in the Renew Project's mine / UXO survivor assistance program called "The Mission of Mushrooms." The project has supported Mr. Dang with an initial capital of VND 30 million to build a mushroom cultivation model at home. At the same time, the project also supports materials, builds autoclaves and covers products. With the attentive attention and guidance of the Trieu Long Commune People's Committee officials on mushroom cultivation techniques, Mr. Dang focused on growing wood ear mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, and now each crop earns over 10 million VND. Thanks to growing mushrooms, Mr. Dang has money to feed his two children well.

"Mushroom's Mission" is a joint program between the Renew Project and the Humpty Dumpty Institute (HDI), with the participation of the US Department of State, Embassy of Japan, Australian veterans ... disbursed more than $ 1 million to help landmine / UXO survivors and people with disabilities. There have been 193 households benefiting from this mushroom project.

For victims of Agent Orange, Mr. Le Van Dang - Chairman of the Association of Victims of Agent Orange / Dioxin in Quang Tri said that the whole province has 2,266 victims who need rehabilitation and vocational training. Therefore, the unit is urgently building a daycare center, rehabilitation and vocational training center for the victims of Agent Orange / dioxin in the province, helping them to find jobs, overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties. nourish yourself and contribute a part to society. “The whole province has 8,208 households with victims of Agent Orange / dioxin, with 15,845 victims, of which 4,965 households have 2 or more victims. Out of more than 15,000 victims, less than 3,000 people participating in the resistance war are entitled to the regime of victims of Agent Orange, the remaining only receive the monthly social protection allowance is very small as those with disabilities. , other illnesses, not guaranteeing a minimum life. Therefore, their lives are facing numerous difficulties. They urgently need to join hands, contribute the help from society ”- Mr. urgently.

Author: Ngoc Vu


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