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BPH parents, homeroom teachers and students of grade 9/6 Ly Tu Trong school - Visiting, exchanging and giving gifts to victims of the Center

Who posted: QT Hệ thống Date post: 09/07/2020 View: 7406

TIN: BPH parents, homeroom teachers and students of grades 9/6 Ly Tu Trong school - Period of visiting, exchanging and giving gifts to Center victims

On the morning of July 8, 2020, the parents' meeting, the homeroom teacher and students of the grade 9/6 school at Ly Tu Trong school - paid a visit to the cultural exchange and donated to the Center an amount of VND 1,500,000, 100kg Tu Hoanh rice, 2 boxes of instant noodles, 1 carton of milk and distributing confectionery to the Center victims

In the exchange meeting, the representative of the parent board of the class gave thanks to the Association leaders, the Center gave the opportunity for class 9/6 to have a chance to do charity.

Afterwards, Mr. Nguyen Anh Ca - Chairman of the Association - cum Director of the Center gave thanks to the BPH, the head teacher and all students attending the 9/6 grade school for their generosity, and It is also expected that in the near future there will be more classes to visit victims

Author: Office of Center for Sponsoring Agent Orange / Dioxin Victims and Children with Disabilities in Quang Nam Province


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