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Accident husband, children infected with Agent Orange

Who posted: QT Hệ thống Date post: 10/05/2019 View: 599

TP - A son with intellectual disability due to dioxin sequel, his husband is ill, that is the context of Lai Thi Tinh in group 36, zone 4 (Nong Trang ward, Viet Tri city, Phu Tho).

After more than 3 years of volunteer youths to pave the way in the southern battlefield of Laos, in late 1975 Mrs. Tinh (SN 1955) returned to work at Viet Tri City's textile factory. In 1983, she married Mr. Luong Hong Ngan and gave birth twice but could not keep it. In 1985, grandparents gave birth to their first son Luong Ngoc Tung, two years later had a daughter Luong Thi Ngoc Dung (now married). However, since birth, Tung has cleft palate and no tongue.

The bigger, Tung has more abnormal manifestations, less developed intelligence. Bringing care and treatment everywhere, Mrs. Tinh and her husband collapsed to know that their only son was infected with Agent Orange. Thanks to the charity program of the French Government, Tung was patched up his jaw in 1998. Every day in every household, Mrs. Tinh could only rely on Mr. Ngan's meager motorbike money.
In 2000, Tung was given a subsidy regime for victims of Agent Orange, but in 2009, Tinh only had this regime. Difficulties compounded when in October 2011, Mr. Ngan suffered a stroke and had to be hospitalized for more than 4 months. 
During that time, Mrs. Tinh had to send her son to Viet Tri Mental Health Rehabilitation Center within 3 months (fee of VND 2 million / month). Besides taking care of her husband, she spends two visits weekly to her son. In the fourth month, the center increased the fee to 10%, because there was no condition, Ms. Tinh was forced to take her child to care for her relatives, waiting for her husband to come out of the hospital to pick her up.
Her husband is sick and her children are not normal, so she always has to stay home and be able to do nothing. Already 27 years old, all activities and meals of her son must be taken care of. Her family's main source of income depends on a subsidy of nearly 2.5 million dong / month while daily expenses for medicines for her husband and children cost more than 200,000 dong.
May the generosity of readers from near and far help Mrs. Tinh's family reduce difficulties. Any help please send it to your family address, or the Ban You read Tien Phong newspaper, 15 Ho Xuan Huong, Hanoi.


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