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Mother's lifelong foster parenting crazy

Who posted: QT Hệ thống Date post: 10/05/2019 View: 8195

(GDVN) - "I'm very sorry, very sorry for the times when I'm sick, when no one takes care of me, I just know how to bite my teeth and endure and try to get up to raise my crazy child ...".

Along Highway 21 we find Thach To Hamlet, Thanh Ha Commune, Thanh Liem District, Ha Nam on a hot summer afternoon. The scent of young rice is pervading the field is also the time to visit the family of the woman who has been raising her crazy for life.
His life was associated with hardships. Born in miserable scenes to worry about eating each meal, have to spread everywhere. Since childhood, I did not go to school because of hunger and poverty.
When growing up, it seemed that a beautiful life would come to him when he married his uncle Trinh Xuan Thieu. Not long after being happy, Thieu set out to enlist in 1967. After liberation, he returned to the locality but soon died, leaving behind a young wife and children.
The pain was piling up when she gave birth to three children, but only Cuc was with her until now because his two children left him and went back to their ancestors. But unfortunately for her, Cuc was affected by Agent Orange from her father, so her nerves were abnormal.
He showed us the medals left by his brother, saying in a sobbing hiccup: "Life is hard and miserable, guys, thinking that old life will depend on me, but I don't know now." and who is sick sometimes. "
He was often ill but tried to get up to take care of his crazy daughter, though she was older but she could not take care of herself for all her activities were helped by a single hand.
Ms. Trinh Thi Hong, a neighbor from my family, said: “My family is very difficult, my children, he is sick and cannot do anything, girls cannot be like people.” I have to let my nephew go with me so that he doesn't stay home or run around. Once I went to the market, he went home alone and ran to the road when he was hit by a motorbike. Fortunately, he was not badly injured but only slightly injured but it took more than a month to get rid of the pain, ”said Be.
Talking with us, Mr. Le Van Tien, head of Thach To village, said: “Uncle Be's family is in the extremely difficult situation of the village. somewhat".
My mother and I live in a small house of about 15m2 because I borrowed from the public debt and the help of neighbors. The small house has no valuable things but the medals of the uncle that the aunt has kept for so long.
The government's subsidy for Cuc is VND 180,000, but it is not much for living a disease. Reportedly, Uncle Be himself now also suffers from severe neuralgia and illness, but he does not have money to treat her worse and worse.
When asked about his wish, he watched the girl playfully like a child and said, "I only wish that the sky would give me health to look after her, not knowing when I was no longer in the world." who else can take care of it next time ”.
Goodbye, mother and son, we left when it was late afternoon, our feet walked but our hearts were still heavy, we don't know what will happen to our parents tomorrow.
His family's situation was very difficult and needed the help of benefactors from near and far, all contributions.


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